More Fallout From ShinyHunters’ Breach of Ticketmaster

It’s The 560 Million Ticketmaster Customers We Feel Bad For

When details of the Ticketmaster were first revealed it was hard to feel bad for them; it’s hard to name a company less deserving of our sympathy.  However as more details emerged it became less amusing as the data breach included data on a immense amount of their customers.  Seeing as how we have almost no choice but to deal with Ticketmaster if we want to go to a show, those customers were innocent victims of this breach.

Bleeping Computer has posted about ShinyHunters’ latest threat, which is the release of 166,000 Taylor Swift Eras Tour barcodes if their demands are not met.  While those barcodes could be revoked and replaced with new ones, that process would be a nightmare for anyone who already bought a ticket.  With the huge amount of fake ticket scams going around, unless you are familiar with this breach there is a good chance you would assume any emails containing a ticket reissue was one of those scams and not an official replacement ticket.

It’s not just that tour that they are threatening to ruin, they’ve claimed they possess and will release the information of 680M users and 30 million more tickets.  So far Ticketmaster is staying quiet and we await the next update on this sad saga.

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