Moonbreaker, A Space Pirate Themed Tabletop Style Computer Game

This Is What Happens When Brandon Sanderson Hangs Out With The Subnautica Devs

Moonbreaker is not just different from Subnautica, it’s different from just about anything on the market right now.  It is a turn based tactical shooter but the rules are based on tabletop games, not reworked X-COM game mechanics.  There is no grid, your model can move anywhere that it has the movement range to reach.  That not only changes how you move around the map, it means the terrain and objects are not stuck on a grid either.  There are some maps where you don’t have straight lines anywhere.

The animation, if you want to call it that, is very much in theme with tabletop miniatures.  The model’s base rocks when they shoot and some have simple animations, such as a giant frog mount with a moving tongue.  You can play against an AI or take on another person in PVP and there is even somewhat of a single player campaign.   You play by placing your hero Captain on the board and then summoning six of your 10 crewmembers as the game progresses.

You can get more details on this game and the world designed by Brandon Sanderson at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.

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