Montech Continues To Improve Their Reputation With Their Titan Gold 1000W

Eight Years Later They Are Still Going Strong

Montech is still a relatively new name in power supplies and have generally received good reviews since they started out.  This is likely in part because the internals are straight from CWT who make a large chunk of the PSU models on the market, regardless of the branding on the outside.  The numbers on the Titan Gold 1000W look great, PCIe 5.0, ATX 3.0, a 600mm long 12VHPWR cable, 100% modular and a 10 year warranty.

TechPowerUp went beyond the specifications to test the actual performance and were suitably impressed.  The Titan Gold 1000W met or exceeded it’s rated power levels, maintaining 80 PLUS Gold efficiency the whole time and with very good ripple suppression.  Indeed the only downside they found was that the 130mm fan would get fairly loud under full load.

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