Monoprice SYNC-ANC, Wireless Headphone With More … For Less

These Cans Can Do

Physically the SYNC-ANC are comfortable to wear, with earcups large enough to cover the ears of anyone that isn’t British Royalty.  The metal headband is built to survive being tossed in a bag without harm and the padded leatherette covering is comfortable during prolonged usage.  They also lack any RGB-itis, the only lighting is on the bottom of the earcups to indicated if ANC is enabled and the charge level; ranging from blue to red as the battery drains.

Monoprice did not include details on the drivers nor the sound pressure that the ANC can deal with but in both cases the performance is at least as good as other headsets in this price range, if not better.  They are not able to provide the same level of volume as the M1000ANCs, but can certainly push out a decent level of audio.   The ANC is effective, though I encountered an odd bug which prevents me from recommending you from taking the SYNC-ANC on a long walk on the beach.  The microphones seem to pick up the noise of the headsets moving while you are walking, and emphasizes into a quite noticeable thud with every step.  That effect disappears if you disable ANC and does not seem to be present at other times, like a bumpy ride on the bus.

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