Monoprice Horizon TrueWireless ANC Earbuds

Horizon TrueWireless ANC In The Wild

The battery rating of seven hours listening, five talking or using ANC is more than enough for most trips and the fact that the carrying case can recharge them four times before needing to be recharged.  The recharge time isn’t bad, but running out of juice will definitely mean an interruption in your listening.  Given 10 minutes or so you will have at least an hours playtime back, possibly more.

Pairing is as easy as opening the case and looking at available Bluetooth devices, the light on the front of the case illuminates briefly to alert you of that.  If you run into pairing problems just pop the earbuds back in, press the button on the back for 10 seconds and try again.  At one point I lost the signal to the right earbud, that process resolved Bluetooth being a pain.

You will need to memorize some arcane hand gestures to make use of the Horizon TrueWireless earbuds, a single tap on the right decrease volume, the left increase, while a double tap on either will pause or play a track.  Three taps to the left skips you a track back and three on the right sends you one ahead.  You can also hold your finger to the right earbud for two seconds to activate your phone’s voice assistant, while doing so on the left toggles between ANC and transparent mode.

If you take phone calls, when one comes in you can single tap either earbud to pick it up or press and hold for two seconds to reject the call.  A double tap to either will end a current call, handy for some and never used by others.  The voice quality is acceptable, but not what you might consider great as it lacks many of the enhancements that expensive earbuds offer.

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