Monoprice Announces Monolith MTM 100 Watt Powered Desktop Speakers

I obviously have not heard these yet, but initial impressions are good. If anything, I’m just impressed that Monoprice is providing the tolerance for the frequency response spec, which is +/- 3 dB for the stated 45 Hz – 20 KHz range. Even at -3 dB, being able to reproduce 45 Hz should give these speakers excellent low-end capabilities, and attention has clearly been paid to that area as the design incorporates a passive 5.25-inch bass panel on the side of each cabinet, which should help with lower bass response from the pair of smaller 4-inch bass drivers.

For treble response there is a 1-inch silk dome tweeter with a generous-looking wave guide, and this design should widen the tweeter “sweet-spot” quite a bit, and help blend sound from this 2-way (or perhaps 2 1/2-way) design.

Of course, none of these impressive specs come cheap, as the MTM carries a $499 USD price tag. Powered monitors are a crowded market, but there seems to be enough in the way of features to help set the Monolith MTM apart. I’ll be reaching out to Monoprice to see if they are sampling these new speakers to media, to hopefully see how well executed this new product is.

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