Microsoft Patches Some Patches And Blocks Windows 11 23H2 For Some

It Will Stop Copilot For Windows From Juggling Your Desktop Icons

Those that use multiple monitors on a Home edition of Win10/11 and who didn’t just immediately block Copilot for Windows have noticed their desktop icons started wandering around.  They would jump from screen to screen or randomly change location; not enough to ruin your day but certainly an unneeded source of frustration.  This unwanted ability was part of the Windows 11 23H2 update, and so Microsoft blocked that update to machines that would experience this issue.

They have since fixed the AI enhanced icons and Windows 11 23H2 s flowing out to more people, so if you’ve been wondering just why you haven’t seen that update you now know why.  The bug only affected Home versions, as Copilot for Windows hasn’t been pushed to other versions of Windows.  However there are a few other patches you can check out in Bleeping Computers’ post that might help solve one or two of your headaches.

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