Micron’s All New 232-layer NAND

Goodbye 176-layer NAND, Hello 232-layer NAND

You might think that the first PCIe 5.0 drive would be the top story instead of the first link below the fold, but there is news that is  at least as exciting as that.  Micron have just announced the details on their new 232-layer NAND, which is faster and more power efficient than their current 176-layer NAND, and can be used on any generation of PCIe SSD.

Their data sheets claim the new 232-layer NAND can provide up to  2.4GB/s of bandwidth, or about a 50% jump over their current NAND.  The new design incorporates NV-LPDDR4 for the cache which reduces the power draw of one of these new drives by 30% compared to Micron’s previous generation.

The 232-layer NAND also increases the number of planes from four to six, and each of those planes have independent read capability, which helps explain the huge increase in bandwidth.  It is already in production and should be available in Crucial SSDs in the not too distant future.  It will be interesting to see this new NAND in both PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 drives.

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