Meta Fails It’s Quest, VR Headset Longevity

Aren’t You Glad This Didn’t Start As A Kickstarter … Oh Right

The Oculus Quest, aka the Meta Quest VR is being resigned, with support and much functionality being discontinued on March 5th.  The three year old headsets will no longer receive security updates and a variety of feature applications such as the ablity to join parties, or use Horizon Home.  Supposedly you will still be able to access your games, however considering their track record they may change that decision.

It took over a year for Meta to realized forcing users to create and use a Facebook account to be able to access their content on a Quest VR was a bad idea.  Of course, all they really did was change it to requiring a Meta account and we are still not sure what difference that makes to anyone who already did follow their rules.

There is an argument that the hardware of the original Quest VR headset was outdated by the time it launched, and dropping support will let Meta focus on their new $1500 headset.  That seems somewhat lame for such a recent piece of hardware, and it seems unlikely that it will drive people to upgrade to their new VR headset.  The cost to join is high, and now it looks like the purchase will be a very short term investment, as three years of support is just this side of pathetic.

The Meta Quest 3 won’t be available until next year; it’s almost like they don’t want the Metaverse to succeed.

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