Memtest86+ Version 7 Fresh For 2024

With Error Correction Code Testing For Some Ryzen Systems

Memtest86+ is immediately recognizable to us veteran enthusiasts, it was once the tool to use on a new system or one starting to display instability.  You didn’t need to install anything, simply create a boot disk, fire it up and let it run for a few hours.  If there were any memory errors you would find them and could adjust your settings or hardware as necessary.  It came back in 2022, with a USB version and support for more modern UEFI systems, while still maintaining the same basic functionality as the old school version.  It has also become mostly compatible with Secure Boot, although some systems still have challenges when it comes to booting in those environments.

MemTest86+ Version 7 brings support for 14th generation Intel processors, even those running Mac systems.  It also supports AMD Zen 1 through Zen 4, with preliminary ECC testing as mentioned before.  The interface offers simplified results as well, if you see red bars and an ERROR message then it’s time to pop out a DIMM and test again until you get a pass.  Setting it up is dead simple, just follow their instructions if you don’t want to roll your own.

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