Malwarebytes Were Flagging Both Google And YouTube As Malware

Was It Really A False Positive?

It would depend on what you were doing this morning as to whether or not you were amused by MalwareBytes this morning.  Until recently the antimalware program’s web filtering feature was blocking both YouTube and Google as malicious sites.  This would prevent you from accessing either site unless you instructed MalwareBytes to ignore the flag, which used to be an easy task back in the day.  They have since resolved the issue, if you are still seeing the flag then hit the update button again until you get their very recently released version.

This Microsoft worthy mess included G-Suite applications, up to and including Gmail, which likely disrupted a large amount of businesses as well as those with personal accounts.  It is good to see that MalwareBytes are able to respond quickly to this sort of thing, as most use the free version.  They also had very good timing, as according to The Register they recently succeeded in getting $100m in funding from private equity firm Vector Capital.  That might have been a harder sell after this morning, had the deal still been in the works.

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