Making CRT Great Again With Graphics Gremlin

Some New Projects For Sebastian?

There is retro tech and then there is serious retro tech, such as powering an old CRT with an FPGA that emulates an old ISA graphics card!  Over at The Register you can read about a new CGA card with HDMI output, new 8088 PC systems, and drivers to enable hardware accelerated 3D on Windows 98.   If you want to get really strange, the new version of the Graphics Gremlin can output video, but not audio, over HDMI so you can hook up that 40 year old machine to a brand new monitor.

If you don’t have an old 8088 machine around and are jealous of those that do, there are new systems and motherboards you can buy such as the Book 8088.  Then again, if you’d rather skip the physical hardware and emulate that Win98 SE system you had long ago, then check out the SoftGPU project.  It will hook you up with drivers that give Windows 95, 98 and ME hardware-accelerated 3D in a VirtualBox, VMware Workstation or QEMU instance.

Check all this and more at The Register.

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