Loupedeck Live S Review – More Than a Streaming Sidekick


I must admit that I was previously unaware of Loupedeck the company until they contacted me about reviewing one of their parts. This is not entirely surprising as I am not heavy into the Twitch/Game Streaming world. Sure, I may have done a little basic streaming of my own in years back, but I never went full in with a streaming setup that included a stream deck.

The prospect of reviewing one of Loupedeck’s units was quite interesting, as I had seen similar stream decks being used by a variety of professionals that may not necessarily stream games. As for the company, Loupedeck is based in Finland and has been making inroads against its primary rival, Elgato.

Previous reviews I have read and watched have often praised the Loupedeck parts for their overall hardware design and build quality. The biggest weakness of many of these older reviews has been the software side of the equation. Complaints typically revolved around implementing schemes and applications to the deck. Some complained that it was clunky, that there were no default profiles for popular applications, or that the software was just slow.

Times have obviously changed, and Loupedeck has undergone some significant changes over these past few years. As a spoiler, Loupedeck has improved their software dramatically, so much so that even an individual such as myself who has not touched a stream deck before this, was able to get up and running in a variety of applications in less than an hour.

The second big change is that Logitech went ahead and purchased Loupedeck this past Summer (2023). This makes sense as Elgato was previously acquired by Corsair, and Logitech is certainly interested in this growing market as many populations have fast enough hardware and internet connection speeds to support streaming activities.

Loupedeck certainly seems like it is in good hands with a company that has truly global reach and a far larger marketing budget. They also can bring to bear much more extensive software engineering to help this product not only grow, but to become far more flexible in its usage. I would imagine that the aim is not so much for everyone to have a Loupedeck, but perhaps to create enough applications and support that its functionality appeals to a far larger audience than just streamers.

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