LOL, Squadron 42 Is Announced To BE Feature Complete

11 Years, Several Lawsuits, And Still Not Released

The ludicrous timeline which Star Citizen is now on continues to get more ridiculous with every day, however thanks to Cloud Imperium Games decision to separate the single player mode called Squadron 42 we might actually see that game some day.   That is not to say they announced anything close to a release date, but it is apparently in the polishing stage which should be the final step before launch.  The announcement came with a lengthy video to show off what Squadron 42 will be like.

The video encompasses flight mechanics as you would expect, including a zoom feature which hides your cockpit and gives you a better shot at your enemies.  It also shows off ground combat, as it seems you will be spending some time in gravity wells.  There is also a sequence with a boat, so you might be able to get your hands on other terrestrial vehicles to save on shoe leather.

You can check it all out at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.

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