LIVA One A300 AMD Socket AM4 Mini PC Barebone Review

Yes, I’d just written up that news post on this very system before taking the screenshot.

Talk about a productivity machine. Not only did all of the LIVA One A300’s hardware work perfectly under Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS, but I was reminded for the umpteenth time that I could be happy under this OS for the rest of my life. I quickly forgot I was running test hardware and got to work writing, listening to some old jazz (Joe Henderson’s Mode for Joe, 1966). I even had our latest podcast going in the corner just to push the multi-tasking aspect. No problem.

Now for the one actual issue that I experienced, under both Ubuntu and Windows 11, and it was an annoying one (at least from a noise output standpoint). No matter what I tried, waking the system from sleep would always result in 100% fan speed (around 4850 RPM), with the above mentioned 50.5 dBA noise output from this scenario, and I had to reboot the system to get it back down.

The fan speed profile is adjustable in system setup (I had this set to “normal”), but that wasn’t the issue. I tested thermals extensively under Windows 11, and observed the slow ramp from 2884 RPM up to 3358 RPM under extended load (Blender, Classroom); normally, the fan slowly ramps up under load, favoring silence at the “normal” preset. The issue was limited to a system waking from sleep.

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