Li’l Taffer Is A Free Thief-like Game

It Was Made In Seven Days

Li’l Taffer was made for 7dfps 2022, a game jam that challenges designers to create a fully functional FPS game in a week.  That explains the look of the game, as well as the price.  Li’l Taffer is absolutely free and you can grab it via the link at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN to play as you like.  It is an homage to Thief, albeit a much shorter one.  You have to break into a manor, steal a crown, at least 200 gold and split with your takings.

In order to deal with the guards in the procedurally generated manor you can make use of the many toilets, for apparently they cannot resist checking out who just flushed.  If you prefer a more direct approach you have a limited number of knockouts you can use to take them down, which you can refill if you find the right things in the manor.

As it is procedurally generated every playthrough will be different.  The ways that rooms connect change too, which apparently leads to some odd geography.

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