Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S, A New AiO For Your CPU

With A Programmable 2.88″, 480 x 480 IPS Screen

Lian Li would like you to think of them as more than just a computer case company, and hope their HydroShift LCD 360S will convince you. It is a hefty size, and you should measure your case as the radiator needs 140mm of clearance which is a bit more than usual.  That thickness seems to be a benefit when it comes to cooling as it always ends up near the top of TechPowerUp’s cooling tests, taming even the highest temperature loads they threw at it.

The build quality impressed TPU, with a lot of nice features included over and above the fancy IPS screen on the waterblock.  It does cost a bit more than the average AiO cooler on the market, but the features Lian Li added justify the cost if you are looking for something special.  The full review can be found here.

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