Kingston FURY Renegade RGB Limited Edition, 48GB of DDR5-8000

The Red Ones Go Fasta!

If you are looking for blazing fast RAM that also possesses an aesthetic you might see on a high end sports car, then Kingston has a set of DIMMs you should consider.  The name is a bit long, but the timings on the FURY Renegade RGB Limited Edition are not.  This DDR5-8000 you give you timings of 36-48-48-128 @ 1T under XMP 3.0, and you can have your Intel system up and running in no time.

If you spend a bit of time on it, like NikKTech did, you should be able to hit DDR5-8400 without touching those timings at all.  If this interests you, keep an eye out for these DIMMs to hit the market.  They were just announced and haven’t launched yet, but if you do want them you should keep in mind part of the name on this DDR5-8000 kit is Limited Edition.

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