Kingmakers Lets You Bring An Attack Helicopter To A Sword Fight

An Upcoming Release Worth Keeping An Eye On

If you have yet to watch the teaser trailer for Kingmakers, you should check it out at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.  There is something deeply amusing about the idea of shattering a formation of knights by driving through them in a pickup truck, jumping out and finishing off the survivors with a grenade launcher.  A very visceral way of dealing with full plate armour indeed.  Kingmakers has you play a time traveller trying to fix their future by changing the outcome of several key medieval battles.

You can’t do it on your own, so there are elements of city building to improve your home base in ancient times so you can raise more levies to fight with you.  While in battle you can also zoom out to a tactical view which will let you direct your army units to attack specific targets, and then you can get back to third person shooting.  The battles are also very impressive looking, at least matching Mount & Blade for gorgeous medieval combat.

If Redemption Road Games can pull this off well, it could be a lot of fun unloading tonnes of ammunition on unsuspecting men at arms and knights.

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