Kindle Scribe; An E-Reader For Writing?

It Seems The Software Needs A Rewrite

Physically the Kindle Scribe has a 10.2″ screen, one side of which sports an enlarged bezel to use as a handgrip.  That grip is more important than on other Kindles as the backplate is aluminium, part of why the Kindle Scribe weighs almost a pound.  The price reflects the design and function, starting at $340 makes it closer in price to an iPad than another Kindle.  That price does include a stylus, and you may be happy to hear you can use any stylus that uses Wacom’s electromagnetic resistance tech with this e-reader, if you don’t happen to like the one Amazon provides.

Unfortunately the Kindle Scribe is not pressure sensitive, you will not be able to make lighter and darker text as you can on other devices.  That said, Ars Technica did like the feel of the Amazon pen on the device, and while the eraser works well it requires a bit more pressure than they expected.  They didn’t see any screen damage in their testing, but voiced their concerns that over time it could possibly scratch the screen.

One issue they did come across was the lack of syncing, there does not seem to be a way to sync handwritten notes from the Kindle Scribe to other devices, something other devices do seamlessly.  Pop by for more details if you are looking for an e-reader you can also write on.

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