Keydous Is Certainly A Name For A Mechanical Keyboard Company

The Keydous NJ81 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, With OLED

TechPowerUp looked into Keydous and discovered they were founded in 2020, and while you may not have heard of them they have released a few keyboards over the past two years.  You can rectify that by checking out their review of the Keydous NJ81 Wireless mechanical keyboard.  This particular keyboard comes in a 75% form factor and the model reviewed can connect via USB, 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.0.

The keys sport PBT plastic keycaps, with switches available from Kailh, TTC, and Gateron; TPU received a model with the new Kailh BOX Strawberry Ice Cream Pro switches.  The body of the keybo0ard is ABS and inside is a brass plate which is well protected by thick foam.  Road warriors will like that the Keydous NJ81 contains a 5000 mAh Li-ion pouch battery, so you won’t need to charge it for quite some time.

There is quite a bit to see in the software suite which comes with the keyboard, as well as some tricks to dealing with the OLED, all of which you can discover by following that link at the start.

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