Keep Your Eye Out For Sales As Intel Chucks The NUC

Discontinued Hardware Is Cheap Hardware

Intel recently announced that they are no longer going to make new NUCs and are handing the reins to ASUS.  The major drawback to this is that it is unclear if Intel will continue to support NUC devices which are still under warranty or if ASUS will also inherit that along with the hardware side of the business.  ASUS has already shown off a new Tinker Board design, which they describe as NUC sized and is intended to take on Raspberry Pi and similar tiny computers.

The good news is that along with the EoL of Intel NUCs should come some serious discounts.  The Register suggests you keep an eye out at your local PC and electronic stores over the coming months.  The last Intel NUC will ship on September 30th, which should trigger more sales.  You do run the small risk of encountering difficulty with support, but once we determine if Intel will continue to support their NUCs or if ASUS takes over we will let you know.

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