K65 PLUS WIRELESS 75% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Corsair’s latest mechanical gaming keyboard is a compact model in the K65 series, but it isn’t a 65% keyboard; this new K65 PLUS is actually 75%. It offers premium features like pre-lubed (and hot-swappable) mechanical switches with two layers of sound dampening, and it’s the quietest mechanical keyboard I’ve used since the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I can see the name of this product being a little confusing. Corsair already has a 65% K65 model (oddly enough, Corsair does not have a “K75” in their keyboard lineup). In fact, the K65 lineup encompasses 60%, 65%, and now 75% layouts. Just remember to look for the PLUS in the name when shopping for that 75% K65 keyboard.

Marketing aside, let’s assume for the sake of argument that you’re already sold on this form-factor. I’m not here to espouse the virtues of any key layout, numpad preference, or the like. If you like your keyboard without that 10-key taking up space on your desk, there’s a lot to like about this keyboard.

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