Jagged Alliance 3, Third Time’s The Charm?

Call It JA3 Because All Those Other One’s Don’t Exist

There were a lot of forgettable games bearing the name Jagged Alliance that were released after the add on to Jagged Alliance 2, which are best forgotten about.  Haemimont Games have revived the series once more with the release of Jagged Alliance 3, which Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have had a chance to get to know.  Thankfully the X-COM like turn system was not adopted to this version, instead you get a number of action points just like you used to in the previous 2.5 games.

Jagged Alliance 3 also came up with a brilliant way to avoid the frustration of missing a 90% chance to hit the alien close enough that your gun is literally in it’s mouth; you don’t ever get to see your percentage chance to hit.  That is intended to make the game more fluid and enjoyable, as you are deciding by eye if you think the shot is worth it or not.  As with the only other two JA games, you can spend extra action points to increase your chance to hit, plus hitting certain body parts will have effects on the capabilities of the victim.

The chatter is apparently not the best part of the game but not enough to completely ruining the game.

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