Ixion Wants You To Command An Arc To The Stars

Screw You Guys, I’m Going To The Stars

A few months ago Bulwark Studios released a demo of their new god game, Ixion.  In this game you are in charge of an arc ship which will be sent to the stars with a crew of people, a supply of building materials and a hope of finding a new home which humanity can thrive on.  Like most in the genre you have a need to collect a number of resources to be able to construct buildings and other infrastructure to provide for the crews needs.  Unlike most of these games there are some challenges on harvesting materials from the empty wastes of space and the problem that it takes more than a dozen years for a new worker to be available.

One solution is point the ship at a promising looking planet and firing up the engine, and you really don’t want to be anywhere near that engine when it starts up, as the end of the demo made particularly clear.  The demo didn’t include the end of the initial trip, but Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have had time to play the full game and give their thoughts here.

You will spend most of your time monitoring the initial sector, and eventually numerous sectors as you expand but that isn’t the only thing to look at.  When checking the exterior of the ship to add solar panels you should take a look around as the environments are gorgeous.  There is apparently a planetary view as well, which one expects to be every bit as pretty as the view from orbit.

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