It’s Demo Time! Steam Next Fest Runs Until Monday

Carve Out Some Time This Week To Try Some New Games

Steam Next Fest has become a tradition, allowing you to take a limited peek at a variety of games which are currently in development without having to pre-order!  There are over 1000 demos you can try out until the 26th, which are all found here.  Steam Next Fest has been slowly improving their interface, not to mention Steam changing the look of their client recently.  The side bar on the Steam Next Fest page now lets you filter games in a much better manner, as you can select specific genres like Action, Roguelike or Casual to name a few.   You can also filter by Themes & Moods, Multiplayer or Single Player or Features.

You might feel a little overwhelmed as you scroll through the games, especially if you notice that you’ve tried a number of these demos in past Steam Next Fest opportunities.  To assist in your search Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN chose their favourite 14 games and listed their recommendations here.  If you are a fan of Desperados, Commandos or Shadow Tactics you should probably check out Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew.  Jumplight Odyssey and New Cycle are a roguelike colony/city builders if you’ve been looking for a new game to make your citizens happy or miserable.   Perhaps a game with combat mechanics similar to Batman Arkham, except you are a 17th century swashbuckler would interest you,  in which case En Guarde should be on your list.

Go ahead, make that list of unplayed games in your Steam library even longer!

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