Ironwood Studios Wants You To Go On A Strange Pacific Drive

They Give You A Woody To Drive

Weird driving games have gone by the wayside; things like Interstate ’76, Death Track and Carmaggedon no longer exist or even worse, were remade awfully.  There are some modern games with similar themes, but they fail to capture the pure destruction which was the key to those games.  Ironwood Studios’ first game captures a little of the free roaming chaos of these games, though they’ve swapped vehicular combat in Pacific Drive for esoteric horror that guns probably wouldn’t even help against.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN describes the character you play as an off-brand Egon Spengler, which sounds like quite a bit of fun.  The Olympic Exclusion Zone you explore in your old woody station wagon is more S.T.A.L.K.E.R than Ghostbusters.  The trailer starts out with a nice drive and a peek at the car’s dashboard but the atmosphere changes quickly once the car warns of an instability front approaching.  The game then changes to a race through some very odd anomalies which seem to include flora, fauna and even the geography.

The changes in geography may be permanent, as the PR suggests this is a somewhat rouge-lite game which will be different with each play through.  The car is customizable of course, and there are suggestions it may develop something of a personality.  It’s early days yet, there isn’t even a Steam page yet but this might be worth keeping an eye out for.

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