Internet Explorer; Good Riddance Or Fare Thee Well?

No Love For This Chakra Today

The end is nigh for Internet Explorer as today will see it forcibly evicted from the majority of systems it is currently installed on.  Unless you are running a long term servicing channel of Windows 10 or Windows Server the blue e will be going the way of the dodo.  The only real way to keep it is to be running a Windows OS from the distant past, so you could likely visit your local hospital or bank to see if they will let you indulge in some nostalgia.

MSHTML will live on until 2029 in Microsoft Edge compatibility mode, for those handful of apps which still haven’t been updated.  There will be yet another warning about a year before the last vestiges of Internet Explorer are finally eliminated from the web.  It is a little sad to see the competition in web rendering engines die just a little more, but it’s been hard to consider IE as real competition for quite a while.

Internet Options, security zones and the other pieces of IE which embedded themselves inside the Windows operating system will remain for a time, but expect those to be deprecated over time as well.

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