Intel Meteor Lake Gets Socketed, But You Won’t See It In Your Desktop

Meteor Lake PS Is Coming, Unlike Meteor Lake-S

There are rumours of a new socketed Meteor Lake chip thanks to a post on Twitter from iBase motherboards, who suggest they will release an LGA 1851 socket with explicit support for Meteor Lake PS.  The post is light on details, and what little facts provided seem a little off.  They describe the supported CPU as a as 14th Gen Intel Core Ultra, however Intel is supposedly changing their Core branding for Meteor Lake and newer chips, and the GPU is described as Iris Xe instead of Arc graphics.  This could just be a mix up thanks to Intel’s recent obsession with rebranding, but until we get details it all seems a bit strange.

The Meteor Lake PS chips bear the same name as Alder Lake PS, which would mean they are specifically designed for IoT use and not desktop.  The non-PS chips will be for such as all-in-one PCs, mini-PCs, and NUC-like devices, there will be no traditional desktop version.  That is not terribly odd for one of Intel’s mobile chips, though it is odd not to see a socketed desktop version of a new generation of chips.  The rumoured MI1002 motherboard will have dual Ethernet ports, COM ports, and 5G support, which would make it useful in the IoT world, if perhaps a bit on the expensive side.

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