Improve Your Broadcast With The Maono PD400X Microphone and BA90 Boom Arm

XLR Or USB, Your Choice

Neoseeker recently tried out the Maono PD400X microphone and the BA90 boom arm which is sold separately if you don’t want to use the desk stand which does come with the mic.  The Maono PD400X offers both XLR for connecting to professional equipment as well as USB-C for those just hooking up into a PC.  You will also find three buttons on the bottom of the mic which allow you to toggle between flat, high-pass filter, presence boost, or high-pass and presence boost together.

The mic will work without software, however installing Maono Link is also an option.  It lets you swap between Maono devices, if you have more than one as well as letting you update the firmware.  There are a number of advanced controls, including a compressor, EQ and distance toggling just to name a few.

The BA90 boom arm will cost you $70-$80 and offers much better isolation than the desk stand. It is also easier to set up to be out of your way than a traditional microphone stand.  Neoseeker were impressed with both products, you can see if they are up to your standards in the full review.

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