If You Have An ASUS Router You May Not Be Able To Read This

Thankfully It Is A Quick Fix

Those using ASUS routers with ASUS AiProtection found themselves knocked off the internet due to a bad update on ASUS’ servers.  You might be wondering just how an update on ASUS’ servers affected remote routers connectivity, and you would be right to.   The ASD feature on ASUS routers communicates with TrendMicro to keep up to date on the current threats wandering the internet and will block suspicious traffic from ever hitting your home network.  It is likely that the bad update managed to flag all traffic as nefarious, hence the loss of connectivity.

The fix is pretty simple for most, and a good habit to form as well; reboot the router and all should be well.  If that doesn’t restore your connection, you can either try updating the firmware, or you can do a hard reset.  You will lose all your configuration settings, but that is a small price to pay to be able to get your cat videos back.  Simply press and hold the RESET button on the device for 5-10 seconds and you should be back up and running.  If that still doesn’t work, follow the links at Bleeping Computer for steps on contacting ASUS to get your router to route packets once more.

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