HYTE Y70 Touch, A Big Screen Case

For Those That Need A Touchscreen On Their Case

The HYTE Y70 Touch is the biggest case that company has offered as of yet, so of course it sports their largest touchscreen as well.  The 14.1″ IPS touchscreen has a resolution of 1100 x 3840 and is controlled by their Nexus software.  The display will show real time stats on your CPU, GPU, memory and other components but it also allows you complete control over your RGBs, including ones that are usually only compatible with their own software.

The case doesn’t ship with any fans, however you can add a 120/140 mm in the back, up to three 120 or two 140 mm on top, another three 120 or two 140 mm fans on the bottom and the same count on the side.  You can install a radiator of the equivalent size in any of those places, apart from the bottom, which simply doesn’t have the vertical space to accommodate one.  The lack of front fans might contribute to the less than impressive cooling performance that TechPowerUp observed, but it also gives the front of your case a unique aesthetic.  Check out the full review here.

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