How Far Can You Push An RX 7800 XT?

Faster Than A Speeding RX 6800 XT!

The FPS Review provides yet another reason to avoid the RX 7700 XT, by showing just how much overclocking headroom there is on the RX 7800 XT.  The default game clock of the RX 7800 XT is 2124MHz and the boost is 2430MHz, which they successfully increased to an average in game frequency of 2534MHz.  At the same time they boosted the VRAM frequency by 1GHz to 20.5GHz, any higher and the head produced created thermal throttling on the GPU.

The overclocked card had a significant advantage over the default clocks, with noticeable performance gains while gaming.  They were intrigued to find out that the overclock had a more significant impact on ray tracing performance than on raster based; not that the raster performance wasn’t also improved. 

Find out all the details in their review.

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