Homeworld 3 Has A Steam Demo

Give It A Try Before March 8th

Homeworld fans have a chance to jump into Homeworld 3 early, and see if the great control kerfuffle applies to them or not.  It has become apparent to those that have dived in to the game that the controls are far more finicky than the original two.  This is due to the new game mechanic of hiding your ships behind cover.  In order to do so successfully you need to be very accurate in your directions, more so than before.  This has caused some upset, but for many the ability to slow time all the way down to 25% is enough to satisfy their concerns.  Sadly no instructions can be given when the game is paused, but at least you can start plotting your next move when you start time flowing again.

Homeworld 3 is apparently quite beautiful, so you can jump in even if you don’t intend to save your progress in the demo so you don’t need to replay those missions in the full game.  This means you don’t have much time to wrap up your Homeworld and Homeworld 2 replays, if you had hoped to do so before the sequel drops.

Official note, playing the Homeworld 3 demo is not an acceptable excuse for missing tonight’s podcast.

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