Homeworld 3 Delayed, For Only Good Reasons

Blackbird Interactive Are Taking The Feedback From Demo Users Seriously

Homeworld 3 is now due to launch May 7th, about two months after it was first to launch but in this case players might not be overly upset because of the reason.  One of the biggest complaints that those who played the demo had focused on the controls, and seeing as how that is the largest part of the game it became obvious something needed to be done.  The biggest changes are the ability to remap any and all of the keybinds, something which should always have been there, and an increase to the movement and rotation speed of the camera to make the game far smoother.  If you became familiar with Homeworld 2 Remastered’s controls and feedback, the legacy control system will now match that look so you can simply revert to the familiar.

The combat system has also had some reworking and Homeworld 3 now supports giving your ships a fire command that doesn’t follow the direction of flight, which you couldn’t do in the demo.  They also increased the effectiveness of formations to encourage their use and bumped up the health of ships by 30% so you have a chance to see what is going on. 

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN has a longer list of the changes as well as a link to the dev notes if you are looking for more details.

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