Have You Updated The Firmware On Your ASUS Router?

Patch Early, Patch Often

If you are running an ASUS router in the list below you should immediately head to this page to grab the appropriate firmware update, or unplug the device until you can.  These updates patch nine vulnerabilities that the routers are vulnerable to and which are currently being exploited in the wild.  You might want to visit that page even if your ASUS router isn’t on the list, as there are a number of patches and updates for other devices found there which you might benefit from installing.

The oldest of the patched vulnerabilities is almost five years old and allows for arbitrary code execution on the router.  Other vulnerabilities are much more recent, including a high severity bug which allows for both denial of service and code execution.   Bleeping Computer also repeats ASUS’ warning to update your password in case it has been harvested by an attacker, doubly so if the password is the default one the ASUS router shipped with.

As for the rest of us, take a visit to your routers support page just in case there happens to be a patch out there for you too.

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