HarmonicDyne G200, Planar Magnetic Headphones With Fancy Pads

Looking For Lambskin And Flannel Ear Pads?

The HarmonicDyne G200 planar magnetic headphones are attractively constructed, with a carbon fiber headband with a steel insert and leather support band.   The earcups are made from aluminium alloy, with lambskin and flannel ear pads filled with foam.  That certainly makes the headset look fancy, but the question is how it sounds.  They use custom designed planar magnetic drivers and they can handle frequencies from 10 Hz–45 kHz and offer 64 Ω impedence.

The headset is designed to connect to a full-size XLR source, which splits into an dual 3.5 mm TRS plugs to connect to the actual headset, though there are 4.4 mm TRRS and 6.35 mm TRS adapters included.  If you are a fan of bass, TechPowerUp’s testing found that the HarmonicDyne G200 headset favour it over mid and high range.

There is also a second part to the review, which examines YAXI’s Comfort TH900/TH610 replacement ear pads in both leather and Alcantara.  It could be worth a look if your own earpads are getting beaten up.  Check it out here.

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