Hard West 2 Rides Out

A Much More Aggressive Take On Turn Based Than The First

Hard West 2 has arrived, keeping the ricochets and adding a game mechanic familiar to those who’ve played Gears Tactics or Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters.  If you kill an opponent, you get all your action points back and can keep on shooting, or in many cases keep on clubbing.  For as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN and others have discovered, brining a club to a gunfight is a good idea.

Among the bizarre cast of characters is a native called Laughing Deer who uses melee instead of firearms.  This means he can make more attacks per round than those armed with a pistol or long gun.  You can use your firearm wielders to knock huge chunks of health off of enemies, then follow up with Laughing Deer to finish them off and run off to the next victim and so on, stringing together truly impressive kill streaks.  

There is sort of an inventory for your gang as well, based on cards that add special skills which can be built into a decent poker hand to give you even more abilities.  The story, as in the first, bounces around a lot so if you run into a part you dislike you can take heart that it will soon be over and the next part of the game will be different.  

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN takes a close look at the game here.

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