HAF 700, The Newest Of Cooler Master’s Famous Series

Where’s The Bare Or The Sark?

The new HAF 700 is impressive for a number of reasons, including the $300 price point.  For that investment you get a case measuring 556 x 279 x 540 mm (21.9 x 11 x 21.3″) which can fit just about any component you can think of, barring a second motherboard.  While it ships with two 200mm fans and three 120mm, it can fit up to four 200mm fans and nine 120mm fans or a slightly lower number of 140mm fans.  If you prefer watercooling, both the top and bottom of the case can handle either two 360mm rads or a single 420mm monster, the side can handle a single rad of up to 480mm and even the back will accommodate a 240mm rad.   If you are still overheating after that the only thing that is going to help you is LN2.

All that space made installation a breeze for The FPS Review, they didn’t need to pop off the top to get the extra 12V cables plugged in, nor to secure the heatsink.  There is also a deep cable channel in the back to make cable management a dream, and the two included QuickClips are very effective at keeping the cables where you put them.

Sadly, there is no optical bay but the nine 2.5/3.5″ drive bays are certainly handy.  Pop by The FPS Review for a look at this king sized beast.

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