Hackers Sharing Router Botnets, For Nefarious Purposes

One Of The Botnets Is Turning Eight!

Ars Technica has posted an article as interesting as it is depressing, giving you a look at the worst botnets on the net.  Thanks to a lot of insecure routers and the people who never patch them there is an entire ecosystem of botnets living on the internet.  There is also some horrific teamwork going on, where state level actors and random hackers share time on the routers to conduct their nefarious activities.  You would hope that there was no honour among thieves, but apparently in this case there is at least a little trust between the black hats.

The article also delves into the three largest shared botnets, Pawn Storm, Water Zmeu and Water Barghest.  Those are where new vulnerabilities are born and spread to unsuspecting users.  If you want to lose even more of your faith in humanity, check out the full story.

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