Hackaday’s Climate-Resilient Challenge Winners; Might Want To Print These Out

These Could Come In Handy Now, Or In A Few Years

One of the more pertinent of the 2022 Hackaday prizes is the Climate-Resilient Challenge, which a number of communities could already benefit from and many more will in the near future.  Your home might be fine at the moment, but all it takes is a quick look at the news to see how weather is changing, and not for the better.  This prize is for projects which help build communities’ resilience to extreme weather events, as well as designing devices to collect environmental data to better predict future events.

This years finalists include a number of monitoring stations which can be set up and left to their own devices, some of which can be accessed remotely.  There is a device to measure the weight of beehives to determine how the pollinators are faring as well as one that measures the diameter of trees.  As it turns out, the girth of a tree varies throughout the day depending on how much water it can access, so a skinny tree is a thirsty one.

If you are into replacing at least some of the meat in your diet with protein from other sources, then perhaps you would be interested in fermenting your own tempeh.  The Air Quality Pavilion is another interesting idea; a building which not only monitors air quality but is also able to do something about it!  The project is a scaled down version, but as a proof of concept it is quite effective.

Check out all 10 Climate-Resilient finalist projects here.

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