Got An RTX 3080 Ti? Maybe Skip That Diablo IV Demo

If You Hadn’t Heard, There Are A Number Of Bricked Cards Out There Now

If you were looking forward to trying out the Diablo IV sneak peek this weekend, you might want to skip it if you are using an RTX 3080 Ti.  A number of people have reported their cards bricked themselves, similar to what happened when New World was first released.  In most cases the fans leap to 100% immediately followed by the computer shutting down, and the card not coming back upon reboot.  The majority of the reports have been Gigabyte cards, but it is not exclusive to them.

The incidents are all self reported, we haven’t seen this happen for ourselves, but the reports are widespread enough to be considered real.  The exact cause of the problem is not known, but with the symptoms it seems likely we are looking at a power problem.  Some users who haven’t run into this issue are limiting frame rate in the NVIDIA driver itself, which seems to have worked for them.  It is still a rather expensive risk to run in order to head back to the world of Diablo.

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