Google’s Free VPN Is Gone, But Now Dark Web Monitoring Is For Everyone

A Good News, Bad News Type of Situation

If you used the VPN by Google One you likely noticed it was discontinued a few weeks back.  If you miss that functionality you have two options.  If you can get a Google Fi Wireless account for your devices where you live then you will be able to make use of the VPN Google offers to all its customers.  Your other choice is to pick up a Google Pixel 7 or newer and use it as your main device.  In order to use the VPN on a Pixel 7 you will need to update your phone’s software but the newer models already have it ready to go.

There is also good news for anyone with a consumer Google account, as Google is extending their dark web protection service to all Gmail users.  Towards the end of this month Google will be removing the requirement to have a Google One membership and will let anyone search through the dark web report and Results about you services.  That will let you know if your personal information has been sold as well as letting you find and remove results that contain your personal contact info from Google search results, for what it’s worth.

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