Get A Rise Out Of The FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

Some Assembly Required

The desk which arrived for review from FlexiSpot has black legs and a light coloured bamboo top, measuring 48” x 24” and with basic cable management for the desk’s electronics.  There are a variety of choices of tabletop ranging from a solid black walnut top to formed fibreboard, available in two sizes, three different leg designs and a wide variety of accessories.  If you already have a piece of wood in mind, you can even just order the legs which can stably handle anything up to almost two metres across!  The maximum weight load of 275lbs means that even a large ultrawide monitor on a heavy duty stand will be well supported and able to be raised and lowered.

Installation, apart from hauling the 35kg box with the legs inside, couldn’t be simpler.  The included bolts are all labelled in the package, so even if you have challenges assembling Ikea you won’t have to worry about assembling the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7.   The bolts all use the same Allen key and have washers to ensure your table is properly secured.  The two legs are individually powered and will work in either of the appropriate plugs underneath, the electronic controller wire is obvious as is the main power.  All the wires tuck up into a tray and are completely out of the way.  If you need to adjust the width of the legs you might need to do some drilling, however there were numerous pre-drilled holes in the bamboo model that the controller and optional accessories can be placed in a number of locations without the intervention of power tools.

Do yourself a favour and screw in the adjustable feet and give yourself a bit of slack on them before doing any other assembly, otherwise you’ll (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .

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