GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER, A Familiar Card For $200 Less

My God, It’s Full of SKUs

Today we meet NVIDIA’s RTX 4080 SUPER, a card very similar to the original RTX 4080 but with an MSRP of US$1000 which is $200 less than the original launched at.  The reference RTX 4080 SUPER looks a bit better on paper, 2550 MHz Boost GPU versus 2505 and memory of 1438 MHz as opposed to 1400 MHz and with 512 more cores for a total of 10240.   Apart from those small bumps it is still the same AD103 that the original RTX 4080 had at it’s heart.  Sebastian’s review showed a 2% increase in performance on the RTX 4080 SUPER compared to the original, which is not terribly impressive.  Really, this launch is about cutting $200 from the obnoxious pricing that the RTX 4080 has.

If you are wondering if there might be a bit more headroom, considering the astounding number of SKUs below, the impressively Zotac GeForce RTX 4080 Super AMP Extreme Airo has a Boost of 2610 MHz out of the box.  With a little extra power and a bit of work TechPowerUp were able to get the card to average 2986 MHz core and 1608 MHz memory in game.  That jump does help performance a bit, around a 5% boost but does nothing to close the gap with the RTX 4090.  The thing is that this card is an extra $100, which is hard to justify spending for such a small boost.  Then again,  maybe you need the RGBs Zotac added?

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