G.SKILL’s Flare X5 DDR5-6000 With CL32

AMD EXPO Rides Again

The new Ryzen chips have moved on from the previously preferred DDR4-3600 to DDR5-6000 and that is exactly the frequency of the G.SKILL Flare X5 DIMMs up for review at TechPowerUp.  The timings are decently tight 32-38-38-96 when set up using EXPO, and that is good considering there is only the one profile.

The kit does lose out to similarly clocked DIMMs which didn’t focus purely on CAS latency, as that 96 tRAS really impacts bandwidth in synthetic benchmarks.  You will be glad to hear it has essentially no impact on gaming performance however, only the benchmarks really see a difference.

There ae challenges overclocking DDR5 on the new platform, but if you are interested in trying then you should be able to tighten the timings, like TPU managed in their review.

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