Free Games To Download On Steam That Are Worth Playing

Free PC games are a lot better than they used to be back in the 1990s and early 2000s and there is a lot of trash games on the steampowered store. I have flashbacks of bloatware and terrible performance all over again. Today, free-to-play games have evolved significantly. Their marketing strategies have evolved as is the way they sell in-game loot boxes, skins and other premium content too.

List of Free Games to Play on Steam

Below, we rounded up a huge list of free s-tier games for you to download and play from the Steam store. These free games are guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours on end. All of the PC video games on the list are in mostly different genres or categories so be sure to check them all out – there is something for everyone.

1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Genre: FPS

Counter Strike: Global Offensive MMOFPS

If you are serious about FPS games then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) will need no introduction. When the original Counter-Strike game was released in 2000, it was a near-instant hit with huge adoptions throughout the community. Since then, CS:GO has become one of the most-played games on steam. Not only is CS:GO one of the most played games as I already mentioned but it also has an active eSports scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a swat-based FPS game with map-based objectives including bomb planting and a second map style that includes rescuing hostages from the enemy terrorist team. As well as core round-based games, CS:GO also comes with a variety of other game modes as well such as deathmatch, gun games and even a battle royale-style game.

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2. Guild Wars 2

Genre: MMO RPG

Guild Wars 2 MMORPG

Guild Wars 2 is an open-world MMORPG for those that love fast-paced gameplay, deep character customisation options and the occasional PVP sprint. GW2 excels at being a PVE-focused MMORPG coming with rave reviews from respected publications such as IGN and Gamespot.

If you have played games such as World of Warcraft then this format of game will be familiar. GW2 come out at a time when WoW was losing popularity which is why sometimes, GW2 can almost feel like the same game. If MMORPG games are your thing, be sure to give this s-tier game a try.

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3. Apex Legends

Genre: Battle Royale FPS

Battle Royale FPS Apex Legends

If battle royale, arena style FPS games like Fortnite are your thing then don’t skip out on Apex Legends. This battle royale FPS game is fast-paced and team-focused. As with Fornite, the goal is the be the last one standing by picking up weaponry and armour and outplaying the opponent teams with clever plays and ganks.

There is a total of 19 legends to choose from with five coming unlocked by default. You can choose to play the game for in-game currency to unlock more or, as with all free-to-play games, you can pull out your wallet and pay them. Either way, even with the often-overlooked free legends, this game is an absolute blast.

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4. DOTA2

Genre: MOBA


Defence of the Ancients 2 (DOTA2) is a real-time tower defence MOBA strategy game that is much like League of Legends albeit, more complex. Released in 2013 by Valve as a sequel to the original, DOTA2 is the second most played game on the Steam Network.

DOTA2 has been such as success in the video gaming and eSports community that there are huge prize pools exceeding well over $1,000,000 USD for those brave enough to tame this insanely complex game. Some play it for years and still don’t break out of the lower ranks. Think you have what it takes to beat the best DOTA2 players?

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5. The Sims 4

Genre: Social Sim

The Sims 4 is Free-to-play!

I’m almost certain everyone knows The Sims, that includes you, right? Well just in case you didn’t know The Sims 4 is free to play – you do now. For those of you that have never heard of this masterpiece, let me explain.

The Sims is much like a virtual doll house of sorts where you can build houses, place furniture, have your Sims carry out activities and generally – take care of them and their interactions. The Sims is a sandbox game meaning that there is no real defined end goal. The Sims is a game that one could say, goes on forever with a treasure trove of expansion packs.

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6. Poppy Playtime

Genre: Puzzle Horror

Poppy Playtime is a Horror-based Puzzle Game

Poppy Playtime is a gripping puzzle-horror genre game that has you playing the role of an existing employee of a toy-making company who revisits the factory after ten years. The gameplay is gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat with several chase-style encounters designed to get your adrenaline going and feel the pressure.

The general idea of the game is to solve puzzles and objectives to progress from area to area. You will be using a gadget called a grab pack which is basically two mechanical hands that can be used to interact with the environment around you. Overall this is a unique game that I would highly recommend playing. If you have the kahunas, play it with the lights out for extra effect.

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7. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Genre: MMO RPG


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a popular story-based MMORPG released in 2011. The game has seen numerous updates and is a great way to break into the Star Wars universe. The game promotes a strong connection with your character by remembering your choices way after you forgot and the cut-scene style gameplay.

There are eight different classes for you to try from dual-wielding lightsabers, dual pistols, blaster rifles and more. Each class comes with unique mechanics and involves its own unique storyline and plot. If story-focused games are your thing, be sure to try out this Star Wars game.

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8. Team Fortress 2

Genre: FPS

Team Fortress 2 FPS

Team Fortress 2 or TF2 as it’s also known is another game on the list released by Valve in 2007 but, don’t let this 15-year-old game put you off – there is plenty of fun to be had is this team-based action-packed competitive FPS game.

For those of you, that like to customise your characters; Team Fortress has a huge collection of items that you can use to make your character your own. Much like CS:GO items can be brought and sold on the steam store, so can TF2 items with some crazy stuff available. My favourite is the Christmas chainsaw, I use it year-round.

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9. Destiny 2

Genre: MMO FPS

Destiny 2: An MMOFPS

Most FPS games you play are team and or round based. But Destiny 2 mixes it up and fuses RPG game elements with the FPS genre. Developed and Released by Bungie in 2017 and first starting as a paid game, they soon made the title free to play in 2019 which had a profound effect on the stability of the game going forward.

Destiny 2 is a futuristic game set in strange worlds have you explore foreign solar systems. With immersive gameplay, various classes and stunning visuals, Destiny 2 will keep you going for months.

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10. World of tanks

Genre: Action Game

World of tanks

World of tanks is an MMO tank battle game with over 600 different tanks and vehicles for you to pit in 15 vs 15 battles of absolute carnage. From light tanks that are quick on their feet to large tanks with devastating artilary – World of tanks has it all.

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11. Lost Ark


Breathe Taking Lost Ark Visuals

Released in 2019, Lost Ark has a very strong PVE-focused community and good concurrent players. Lost Ark is full of breathtaking visuals as you embark on your very own journey through vibrant new lands encountering dragons, and beasts and slaying your enemies and foes as you go.

If PVP is more your thing, Lost Ark can deliver there too. PVP is a little different to other games you might have played. Keybinds and the complexity of skills remind me of World of Warcraft while the camera angle and general gameplay is reminiscent of the Diablo Franchise.

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