Fractal Terra Mini-ITX Case Review

The Terra does make allowance for a 120mm fan to be installed at the bottom of the chassis, ideally as an intake, though I’m not completely convinced by the effectiveness of this location. Half of the airflow would be essentially blocked by the power supply. While the other half would flow across the GPU, you wouldn’t really see any meaningful temperature differences, plus you would lose a large portion of the cable management space this case provides.

Fractal does also highlight a configuration for using a 120mm CPU liquid cooler, which utilizes a single fan, short GPU. While it’s a nice inclusion, I feel that more people interested in an enclosure like this will be using the Terra with a full size GPU and one of the better, low profile CPU coolers. Of course, some might wonder if an enclosure this tiny, with no exhaust fans, if the GPU cooler and a low profile CPU will be able to keep the temps in check. Let’s take a look. 

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