Fractal Pop Series Air and Mini Air Case Review

Due to the fact that both cases use the same fans, and have very similar designs, the CPU temps were also extremely close and well within the margin of error for the test. However the GPU tests showed a different story.

On the Pop Air Mini, the almost three slot cooler on the GTX 1080 Ti used in testing had very little space between its intake fans and the PSU cover. At the full fan speed of 1300 rpm, the Pop Air and Mini Air’s GPU temps were very close, but once the fan speeds were reduced to 1000 rpm, the Mini Air really suffered, with GPU temps rising from a delta of 43.5 C up to 51.5 C. This increased the GPU temperature difference between the two enclosures from 1.5 degrees C at 1300 rpm, to a full 4 degrees C at 1000 rpm.

While this still wasn’t terrible as the max temps overall were still well below thermal max, it does show that with a beefier GPU cooler design, the Pop Air Mini does restrict flow to the GPU somewhat. As mentioned, this is an almost three slot cooler design, with the fan speed locked at 1200 rpm, so in a real world use case, I doubt it create a problem for most users.

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