Fosi Audio V3 – Revenge Of The Class D Amp

Fosi Audio reviews have become a tradition at PCPer, with their original Fosi Audio TB10D proving a very pleasant surprise instead of a product in search of a real world application and then the Fosi Audio BT20A Pro which improved upon the first in every way.   They recently release a newly designed amp, the Fosi Audio V3, which underwent a redesign specifically targeted at audiophiles that want both quality and value.  The capacitors were replaced with higher end Japanese ELNA, German WIMA and Japanese NCC filter caps, and the inductors are now Sumida.  They also changed the case, which now has venting and a heatsink attached directly to it to improve the thermals when you feel the need to crank it to 11 for just one more song.

The other, more obvious difference is the removal of the treble and bass controls, instead opting for proper balance on the inside and volume on the outside.  As they learned with the BT20A Pro, knobs matter and that is why the volume has a proper off setting as well as being a logarithmic Taper A pot instead of a linear pot.  They also included a second copper knob, if you prefer the look they started with the BT20 Pro.  Honestly, it’s hard not to look forward to a new release from Fosi as they have yet to disappoint.

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